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We are providing support to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly hit businesses and industries around the world. We are helping to support those affected by the outbreak in the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Greece.

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We are Europe’s largest and most successful national lottery operator

Our trusted brands and industry-leading technology are the backbone of our thriving lottery operations in the Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, and Austria, helping us to deliver over €17bn in annual sales.

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Our exceptional business performance means more funding for good causes

From building children’s hospitals in Greece, to promoting sport in Czech schools, we have always used our business skills to the benefit of the local communities in which we operate.

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Our adaptability and market-leading technology stand us apart

We have consistently taken on established lotteries and made them better. Our unique experience of operating in different jurisdictions enables us to adopt a tailored approach to customer experience in each market.

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Our commitment to responsible gaming is at the core of our culture

We uphold the highest standards of player protection throughout our operations and all our products have been awarded the highest level of responsible gaming certification by the World Lottery Association.

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SAZKA Group teams up with Sir Keith Mills
in bid for Fourth UK National Lottery Licence

About us

We are market leaders

Market GGR Growth in % (2013-2018)
EU market 7 %
Markets we operate
Czech Republic 78 %
Greece 27 %
Italy 27 %
Austria 15 %

Our ability to generate growth is unparalleled

Average lottery market growth in Europe over the past five years was 7%. During the same period, we achieved double digit growth in each of our markets.

More about sazka group

About sazka group

Good Causes

Social responsibility is at the very heart of what we do, and each of our companies devotes significant time and resources to the pursuit of good causes.
OPAP focuses on health care, SAZKA supports youth sports and Olympic athletes, Casinos Austria champions arts and culture, while LottoItalia focuses on culture and sport.

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We support

We support projects in several areas

  • Health

    Improving healthcare for all in Greece by upgrading hospital infrastructure and offering free health checks.

  • Sport

    Promoting youth engagement in sport and providing support to top athletes.

  • Culture

    Encouraging young people to engage in arts and culture and helping them to turn their visions into reality.

  • Employment

    Helping fast-growing small and medium sized businesses to unleash their full potential and generate new jobs.

  • Social protection

    Supporting those who suffer from physical or mental disability and those living in vulnerable situations.

About sazka group

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is an integral component of everything we do and we are constantly working to improve our responsiveness to problematic gaming.
We go above and beyond the regulatory requirements in every market in which we operate, which is why we have been awarded the highest level of responsible gaming certificate.

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