Building a Better Future

We are determined to drive a positive impact on our society, demonstrated by our strong commitment to good causes. Our good causes are tailored to address the needs of each society and reflect our long-term commitment to the markets where we operate.

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Our projects

Our Commitment to Good Causes

In Greece, our projects promote health and prosperity. In the Czech Republic, our sports programmes have ensured greater variety in schools and provided more access to extra-curricular activities. Meanwhile, programmes in Italy have focused on the restoration of important heritage sites and provided internships to young people in cultural and artistic institutions. Lastly, our continually expanding corporate volunteering programme for employees in Austria reflects how good causes are at the heart of our business.

Our Social Responsibility

See our Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2019.

  • OPAP’s attitude to coronavirus crisis

    At the outset of the pandemic in Greece, OPAP immediately sought to assist key workers in hospitals nationwide. OPAP donated 500,000 surgical masks and essential medical equipment through a body established by the Ministry of Health.

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  • Casinos Austria’s attitude to coronavirus crisis

    In April, Casinos Austria launched the campaign #wirtragenmaske (we carry a mask), which was supported by popular Austrian celebrities from the fields of culture and sports. The campaign has called on people in Austria to wear masks in public, and now we are equipping over 5,000 retail locations with protective masks and hand sanitiser. In total, we are providing our distribution partners with 15,000 masks and 10,000 bottles of disinfectant.

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  • SAZKA’s attitude to coronavirus crisis

    SAZKA used their fleet of company cars to deliver coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 test kits and other medical materials to social workers to ensure their safety at work. After a successful trial operation in South and West Bohemia, blue Sazka delivery trucks took off to cover the entire Czech Republic. The drivers – volunteers from the Sazka staff – delivered help to hundreds of social-care facilities across the Czech Republic.

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  • Children Hospital Renovation

    We have renovated two of the oldest and largest Children Hospitals in Greece. In doing so, we increased bed space, modernised equipment, and created a welcoming environment.

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We support

We support projects in several areas

  • Health

    Improving healthcare for all in Greece by upgrading hospital infrastructure and offering free health checks.

  • Sport

    Promoting youth engagement in sport and providing support to top athletes.

  • Culture

    Encouraging young people to engage in arts and culture and helping them to turn their visions into reality.

  • Employment

    Helping fast-growing small and medium sized businesses to unleash their full potential and generate new jobs.

  • Social protection

    Supporting those who suffer from physical or mental disability and those living in vulnerable situations.