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Michelangelo´s Moses Lighting Restoration

Our heritage programme has restored this masterpiece to its former glory.

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The statue of Moses decorating the tomb of Pope Julius II in the church of San Pietro is undisputedly one of the most important and celebrated examples of Michelangelo’s genius. His extraordinary methods and placement of the statue ensured it adapted to reflections of the light entering the church throughout the day. The church has long languished in gloom, as has the statue, due to changes in the design of the church windows. 

We proudly supported the restoration of this statue and returned it to its former glory. Michelangelo worked on the surfaces according to their exposure to sunlight. Thanks to innovative digital techniques, new sources have been designed to simulate the original light conditions during the passing of the day, thus creating a new scenography for the marble surfaces.

Now the statue reveals unprecedented details of significant artistic value to four million yearly visitors

We have also ensured that entrance to view this masterpiece of Italian artistic heritage is open all day, free of charge.