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Generazione cultura

We fund the training of over 100 young talents and connect them with internships in institutions across Italy. The project has established a valuable network between institutions, universities and corporations. This is a great example of our innovative approach to good causes, which are always tailored to the needs of each society.

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We have designed and supported this project in collaboration with the Italian government and academic institutions.

Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage presents an opportunity for economic growth and is an attractive sector for young people. By offering 100 young talents the opportunity to access the job market by developing new skills in the area of culture, the project is establishing a valuable network between institutions, universities, territories and corporations. 

We have funded the provision of scholarships for new graduates under the age of 27, who are selected through a public process and are provided six weeks of higher training at the LUISS Business School, one of Europe’s most prestigious schools. Upon completion of the training, more than 30 important cultural institutions across the country welcome these young people for a six month paid internship.