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Sports Around You

We built upon our school programme by ensuring children could dedicate extra-curricular time to their newfound sporting passion. We did this by creating a portal allowing parents to locate clubs and events near their home, serving 300,000 users on an annual basis.

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Our portal for sports clubs in the Czech Republic, sportvokoli.cz, is a joint project between SAZKA Group and the Czech Olympic Committee. Parents use the portal to receive advice and recommendations on how to get their children involved with sports and immediately choose from over 15000 sports clubs close to home or school. They are able to sign up to classes, training and events through the portal.

Jaromír Jágr, the Czech Republic’s greatest ice hockey player, serves as an ambassador for the project and has long worked with us to get children involved with sport. A number of Czech Olympians and other top athletes have joined Jágr in these efforts.