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Sport Academies

Our “Sport Academies” programme is designed to make children more active and celebrate the values of sport. We currently support 128 football Academies and 50 Basketball academies across Greece.

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We implement the innovative program Sport Academies in football and basketball academies across Greece. Our aim is to bring children close to sports and endorse the values of sports.

OPAP Sports Academies is a pioneering Corporate Responsibility program which aims to inspire children with principles that they will follow throughout their lives, whether they become professional athletes or they remain just close to sport.

The basic program’s guideline is the constant and interactive training of coaches, children, parents/guardians and its targets are the following:

•      Bring children close to sports

•      Endorse the values of sports

•      Create strong bonds between the program’s academies

•      Upgrade the quality of the services provided