Building a Better Future

We are determined to drive a positive impact on our society, demonstrated by our strong commitment to good causes. Our good causes are tailored to address the needs of each society and reflect our long-term commitment to the markets where we operate.

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Our projects

Our Commitment to Good Causes

In Greece, our projects promote health and prosperity. In the Czech Republic, our sports programmes have ensured greater variety in schools and provided more access to extra-curricular activities. Meanwhile, programmes in Italy have focused on the restoration of important heritage sites and provided internships to young people in cultural and artistic institutions. Lastly, our continually expanding corporate volunteering programme for employees in Austria reflects how good causes are at the heart of our business.

Our Social Responsibility

See our Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2019.

  • OPAP in the Neighbourhood

    We provide free health checks to adults and children across Greece. Preventative measures save lives – we made this our responsibility.

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  • OPAP Forward

    We provide mentorship programmes to young entrepreneurs in Greece and offer networking opportunities that open access to investment. Forty companies have increased their turnover by 21% (€60 million), creating thousands of new jobs.

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  • Karel Komárek Family Foundation

    We are one of the main donors to the Karel Komárek Family Foundation. The foundation supports major local and international projects, ranging from urban redevelopment in the Czech Republic to the performing arts in the United States.

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  • SAZKA Olympic Multi-Contest

    We believe there is a sport for everyone, but limited accessibility often prevents children from discovering the right one for them. Our programme in Czech schools addresses this, by empowering 150,000 children to participate annually in activities designed to help them identify a sport they enjoy.

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  • Sports Around You

    We built upon our school programme by ensuring children could dedicate extra-curricular time to their newfound sporting passion. We did this by creating a portal allowing parents to locate clubs and events near their home, serving 300,000 users on an annual basis.

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  • Czech Olympic Foundation

    The foundation supports children who would be unable to do sports for financial reasons.

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  • Children and Youth Olympic Games

    More than 4,000 children compete every year in this national multi-sport competition.

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  • Sport Academies

    Our “Sport Academies” programme is designed to make children more active and celebrate the values of sport. We currently support 128 football Academies and 50 Basketball academies across Greece.

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  • Hellenic Paralympic Committee

    We have been the principal sponsor of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee since 2011.

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  • Michelangelo´s Moses Lighting Restoration

    Our heritage programme has restored this masterpiece to its former glory.

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  • Generazione cultura

    We fund the training of over 100 young talents and connect them with internships in institutions across Italy. The project has established a valuable network between institutions, universities and corporations. This is a great example of our innovative approach to good causes, which are always tailored to the needs of each society.

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  • Exoskeleton

    In Austria, we helped to deliver a new piece of technology that allows people living with paralysis to walk again. The exoskeleton is a battery-powered suit that can be worn over everyday clothes. Electric motors move the legs and enhance or replace muscle functions. We provide subsidies in order for it to be widely used in therapy sessions across Austria.

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  • Corporate Volunteering

    In 2013 Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group launched an Austria-wide corporate volunteering programme for all employees of the group, which grants them time for social engagement. This has proven to be an extremely popular initiative – in 2018 we expanded the programme so employees could dedicate five days per year to their chosen causes, with full pay.

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We support

We support projects in several areas

  • Health

    Improving healthcare for all in Greece by upgrading hospital infrastructure and offering free health checks.

  • Sport

    Promoting youth engagement in sport and providing support to top athletes.

  • Culture

    Encouraging young people to engage in arts and culture and helping them to turn their visions into reality.

  • Employment

    Helping fast-growing small and medium sized businesses to unleash their full potential and generate new jobs.

  • Social protection

    Supporting those who suffer from physical or mental disability and those living in vulnerable situations.