We constantly aim to enhance customer experience through digital transformation

We are always looking to innovate and modernise the experience we offer our clients by developing solutions that seamlessly connect our traditional retail outlets with our cutting-edge digital channels.

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Sazka technology

Digital transformation

As consumer behaviour evolves, so too do our offerings. We have extensive experience in developing new technologies and platforms that enhance customer experience. We currently offer a wide range of digital products designed specifically to be played online, such as eLotteries, eScratches and Virtual sports.

Sazka technology

Online Lotteries and Gaming

Our online products in the Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, and Italy, can be accessed via website or mobile app.

  • Czech Republic

    The Digital Entertainment Hub is a multi-product platform enabling players to place bets online on numerical lotteries and eScratches. Czech online lottery sales (numerical and scratches) exceed 10 %.

  • Greece

    In 2019, we launched our first online lottery product, Tzoker. Sales on the platform already account for over 3% of total sales.

  • Austria

    Our Win2day online gaming site develops and operates electronic lotteries, online poker and online bingo.